Everything has a end, and the ITEA project has one in December 2016.
The review is in PARIS, 2017 february 1st.

Thanks to ITEA and partners, SEAS was born. It's not the end of SEAS, but the beginning. SEAS is now an usable and efficient protocol.

You can see examples with some pilots: https://www.the-smart-energy.com/Pilots
Guillaume Habault will present a conference during the CSD&M in Paris (France), 13th December.

Title: Defining a distributed architecture for Smart Energy Aware Systems Time: 16:40
It's the 7th CSD&M (Complex System Design and Management) created by the French Center of Excellence on Systems Architecture, Management, Economy & Strategy (CESAMES)

Dear users, We introduced a new section under the Delivery menu, about Ontologies. You will get access to various resources to properly use the smart energy ontologies to describe your projects. Most of the resources are under open source licences or free to edit. Please feel free to participate.